Who We Are

Our Mission

It’s simple – we live by the golden rule… we treat you the exact same way we’d expect to be treated. We don’t just talk about it; we’ve built our reputation on it over our cumulative 25 years of industry experience. That means superior pricing, free expert consulting, and exceptional and friendly ongoing customer service. We don’t sell you anything you don’t need, we aren’t into industry gimmicks, and when you call us…we answer.

We truly want to be your partner by providing you with the education and services you deserve to have a highly successful experience with us…and with your customers. We provide payment processing the right way… the first time…every time.

Experience & Customer Service

Our founding partners have over 25 years of industry experience. We have successfully serviced small, medium, and large merchants nationwide, in every conceivable industry. Why is that important? Because it uniquely positions us to recommend the most efficient and effective processing practices for your particular business type and industry and then help you navigate the implementation of such practice. We will be your advocate in helping you manage onlinecasinogo.ng the opportunities and risks associated with payment processing.

We utilize the largest processing networks in the U.S., which service millions of businesses nationwide. We can process in almost 100 different currencies. Even though we work with some of the largest institutions in the world, we also strongly believe in the value of small and medium-size businesses. We will help you manage the opportunities and risks associated with payment processing – no matter your business size.

We provide Highly Responsive Service 24/7/365.
 No one else in the industry provides a support structure like we do. We are there when you need us. Our experienced managers, sales support professionals, and active online community provides multi-lingual support, extensive hands-on training and ongoing education.

National Card Payments, LLC is located at 200 W Parrish Lane Suite #26, Centerville, UT 84014